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Another Call

Another Call
by Danny Tariman

“Behold, I am sending you out…” – Matthew 10:16

This is my second trip to Papua New Guinea.

The first one was “Mission Accomplished.” I was able to help the Charismatic organization in the archdiocese for two years, and ended my trip with a big bang — a huge Pentecost celebration attended by Catholics from all over the archdiocese.

I thought I was finished. But another call came: to set up The Feast in Port Moresby. There was literally no presence of the Light of Jesus Family in the city. I had to rely solely on the Lord to lead me.

In July 2011, I had an audience with the archbishop and presented to him a letter from The Feast founder Bo Sanchez about our intention to set up a local community. The archbishop immediately approved it.

Sometime in late August, I got a call from a “stranger” who traced me through my Didache reflection. We met, and he agreed to help build The Feast.

From a group of four friends, we had grown to 55 by March 2012, with twice a month Feasts. By the time you read this, The Feast should be held weekly.

Indeed, when God calls, He leads. The Bible says, “Do not be anxious… for what you are to say will be given to you in that hour” (Matthew 10:19).

Reflection: Do you sense a calling? Listen to God’s Word and command for you today.

Prayer: Here I am, Lord. Send me!

[This reflection was first published in Didache, 12 June 2013]

The Service Continues

The Service Continues
by Danny Tariman

“For God is not unjust so as to forget your work and the love you have demonstrated for his name, in having served and continuing to serve the saints.” (Heb 6:10)

This remote mountain village had been my mission field for over 3 years, almost 15 years ago. During the time when I had been actively bringing the Word of God, I befriended many of its local folks. I love these people. This is why, when I was assigned another mission field, it pained my heart that I won’t be seeing this people as often as it used to be.

But the Lord has better plans for me and my family.

Although I was not assigned to this place anymore, I would still get in touch with these friends.

One Christmas Eve, I and my family visited this rural village. We sung carols with them, we shared stories (of faith, of trials, and of victories), and yes, we ate with them to celebrate Christmas. We even slept in one of the households.

Every once in a while we visit them. We just love these people whom the Lord had given us. We continue to serve them in our own little way. It is very fulfilling to help these people.

Recently, we visited them again. We had some kind of adventure. Yeah, my family is into adventure trips lately.

My family and some local folks went into a hiking adventure where we trekked a mountain range and crossed rivers 7 times. Yes, we walked through mountains and valleys, waded through rivers and crept rocky gorges. It was a tiring hike but we enjoyed it, just the same.

Along the way, we enjoyed the refreshingly sweet young coconut freshly picked from the tree, courtesy of local farmers we passed along the way. Wow, we consumed them while resting beside a stream of flowing water! Refreshing to the body, in a refreshing scenery in the backdrop!

For lunch, we cooked grilled tilapia directly on fire, we had “pinangat” (finely chopped shrimps wrapped in taro leaves, slow-cooked in coconut milk, and topped with coconut cream)! Come eating time, the local folks spread banana leaves on a big rock in the middle of a river and placed all our food for lunch on the leaves. Wow, truly a wonderful rural gastronomic experience!

Oh, we just love to be with these people. We continue to help them in every way we can. As the Bible says

“For the gifts and the call of God are irrevocable.” (Romans 11:29)

Thank You Lord for using us as Your channel of Your love! And blessings too!