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Volts and Nuts

Volts and Nuts
by Danny Tariman

“Nothing will be impossible for you.” (Matthew 17:20)

My vehicle’s battery is dead. I tried to start the engine but only ‘clicks’ from the ignition can be heard.

I and my wife were in a nearby province north of Manila. I frantically called my son back in the city to phone the call center of a battery company who services cars stalled on highways and roads. Unfortunately, it was a Sunday, and the shops were closed.

We prayed. We asked the Lord in faith that we will be able to run again.

The good thing is we were with our car mechanic.

He checked the battery terminals and found out that the negative clip was not securely fastened. This could be a reason the battery is dead. It did not charge while we were traveling.

Fortunately, we parked just across an auto-supply shop that sells car battery clips. But no battery.

Our mechanic, knowing that the battery is discharged, just put on the clip and securely fastened it to the terminal.

I started the engine. He couldn’t believe that it started. A miracle indeed happening before our very eyes!

“I tell you the truth, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; nothing will be impossible for you.” (Matthew 17:20)

We were finally able to drive again.

As we drove back to the city, our mechanic told us another story involving our other car a few months back.

We have this other car checked by him at his shop because I hear an unusual sound at the front while driving.

Upon inspection, he pointed to me that there was this big nut supposed to hold another part near the front tire’s axle. And it is missing. Wow! Thank You Lord we didn’t had any road accident!

I asked if I can buy the item from a store. He said it is not usually available. He told me further that he might have that single missing piece of nut in his house garage. Being a mechanic, he usually have a stock of spare nuts – old and new.

So I requested that he bring the following day that nut we were looking for.

He related to us that he tried to look for that nut in his boxes of bolts and nuts when he arrived home from work. He found nothing. He tried again, piece per piece, looking for the item. And again, he found none.

He said he prayed that the Lord will show it to him. In jest he told us “you are close to God that is why I believe the Lord will show it to me”. Laughs.

Just when he was about to quit and sleep for the night, he found that single missing nut!

Whatever you ask in prayer, if you believe, you will receive. (Matthew 21:22)

Truly the Lord works miracles! Have faith in God.

Thank You Lord for giving us a mechanic who believes in You!

The Highway

by Danny Tariman

“I will cut a road through all my mountains, and make my highways level.” – Isaiah 49:11

It was a thrilling experience to drive to Subic through the new SCTEX highway. I was cruising at top speed!

I noticed that many mountains were cut to make way for the wide and long, straight road.

This brings me to recall the time when I was called to start The Feast (a prayer meeting of Light of Jesus) in a foreign country.

I was facing a mountain of challenges: no co-servants to help, no venue, no one to sing in the prayer meeting, etc. There was literally no Light of Jesus (LOJ) presence in the city.

But the Lord has His ways.

One by one, I began to see the hand of the Lord moving: mountains were cut, roads were built.

I was able to easily arrange for an audience with the archbishop. I was given quick approval to establish the LOJ Family in his archdiocese. Out of nowhere, a man called up and volunteered to help. I was introduced to a worship leader. Everything just fell into place! In a few months, we started The Feast in Port Moresby.

How wonderful it is to journey with the Lord. He can cut mountains and make highways level to pave a better way!

Reflection: Are you facing a mountain of problems? Is the road narrow and winding? Trust the Lord — He will make a way!

Prayer: Lord, I surrender to You my situation and problems. Have Your way in me. Amen.

[This reflection first appeared in Didache April 2, 2014]

This Land Is Mine

This Land Is Mine
by Danny Tariman

“I will give to you, and your descendants after you, the land….” – Genesis 17:8

We had been praying for a property on which to build our own house. In one of her prayer times, my wife came across a Bible verse, “I give you the land,” which we believed was the Lord’s personal message to us.

My family scouted out many places in search of that “land.” But nothing worked out. Then one evening an agent called to offer us a property. We went to see it the next morning. It was in a peaceful, secure neighborhood and within walking distance to a church. It was perfect for our needs!

There was just one problem: it cost a few millions while our savings was just under one. Someone advised us to apply for a bank loan. We did. However, we continued to hold on to God’s promise.

Meanwhile, I returned to my overseas job. Whenever I would send money home, the exhange rate would be favorable to us. Also, I was able to sell our equity holdings abroad at almost 150 percent profit! In two months we were able to raise the needed cash. We saw the hand of God at work.

The loan was approved in record time, too. But we eventually cancelled it because the Lord had provided. The Lord literally gave us the land!


Do you feel like giving up? Hang on, the Lord is doing something for you!

Grant me, dear Lord, an unwavering faith in You. Amen.

[This reflection was first published in Didache, March 29, 2012]

Hold On!

Hold On!
by Danny Tariman

“By your perseverance you will secure your lives.” – Luke 21:19

The pressure is getting heavier. Projects are not turning out as they should. Deadlines pass by unmet. The boss calls you to check the status. Operations people call to follow up. Team performance leaves much to be desired.

These are the situations when I just want to say, “Enough is enough!” When I feel like packing up and going home.

As a worker in a foreign land, I face many challenges. So I’d call my wife back in Manila to intercede. And she’d pray and give me bible promises that strengthen me to go on

“Fear not, I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you” (Isaiah 41:10).

“I have the strength for everything through him who empowers me” (Philippians 4:13).

And because of these powerful messages from the Lord, I am able to patiently endure and carry on. I remind myself, “Quitting is not an option!”

I persevere in my work, constantly asking the Lord for help and guidance. And yes, each day the Lord unfolds a blessing, a victory in my workplace!


Are you on the brink of quitting? Don’t. Hang on. The Lord will give you a breakthrough!


Lord, I am sorry for the times that I have weakened in my faith. Please strengthen me to keep on.

[This reflection was first published in Didache on November 23, 2011]

Our Ways, His Ways

Our Ways, His Ways
by Danny Tariman

“… that night they caught nothing. When it was already dawn, Jesus was standing on the shore” (John 21:3,4)

She had never experienced this before. For several months her business had only a trickling of clients. Not enough even to pay the basic bills. Business space rental is in arrears, telephone was at times cut, disconnection notice from Meralco is common.

She wanted her jobless husband to get a job. But he can’t. He is recovering from a past illness. Trying to resolve her problems, she got deeper into debt.

She prayed. No answer. She prayed again. Still nothing happened. Just like Peter and his friends in today’s Gospel, “that night they caught nothing.”

One day, when her tears dried up – not because she stopped crying but because of her long cries, tears stopped flowing – and when she was at a point of desperation, she told the Lord, “I surrender!”

It was at that point when she saw “Jesus standing on the shore” of deliverance. Her husband, who was already over 50 years old and despite his past sickness, got an overseas job.

Often times, we are like this friend of mine. We try to resolve our problems using our own ways. Only to go farther into the sea of problems. The Bible says faith should “rest not on human wisdom but on the power of God” (1 Cor 2:5).

Are you holding on to your problem trying to resolve it your way?

Dear Jesus, strengthen my faith in you, to let go of my own ways, and let Your power work in me.

 [This reflection was first published in Didache on March 28, 2008]