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Former Ways

Former Ways
by Danny Tariman

Do not act in compliance with the desires of your former ignorance. – (1 Peter 1:14)

“Buddy, this one mug is for you!” I was in the company of old-time friends and I had just completed a Christian renewal seminar. It was our usual Saturday get-together in the neighborhood where beer and gin overflowed. I couldn’t abruptly turn my back on these friends who had been my drinking buddies for years.

But during that seminar, I surrendered my life to Jesus, including my drinking habit.

“You will undergo persecution,” my seminar facilitator warned. “People will insult you. But if you really want to stand up for the Lord, you should share His name.”

Remembering the advice, I told my drinking buddies, “Sorry but I just surrendered my life and this drinking to the Lord.” They laughed at me but I stood firm in my decision.

My drinking buddies later abandoned me little by little. And the Lord gave me a new set of friends, my Bible sharing group.

Indeed, “the old things have passed away; new things have come” (2 Corinthians 5:17). And with its passing away, I no longer indulged in my former desires.


Do you still gratify your fleshly desires? You have been redeemed!


Holy Spirit, continue to guide me and give me strength to resist temptations. Amen.

[This reflection was first published in Didache 2012]