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New Life

New Life
by Danny Tariman

“… for to him all are alive.” (Luke 20:38)

I am overwhelmed by this verse. In another version, this is rendered as, “He considers all people to be alive to him” (ISV). We are all “dead to sin” (Romans 6:11). But the Lord has redeemed us to give us “new life” (Romans 6:4)! We received this new life when we were baptized in the Lord.

A dead person cannot eat. He cannot hug and experience love. He cannot walk and explore the beauty that surrounds him. He cannot hear and enjoy the harmony of music.

I thank the Lord for giving me this new life. I have a family who loves me and whom I can hug and laugh with anytime. We can go out for food trips and taste the feasts that the Lord abundantly provides. We can walk and explore mountains, rivers and seas together and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. We can go to theaters and concerts, and enjoy music symphonies.

This is life — the new life that the Lord had promised in John 10:10: “I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly.”

Thank You, Lord, for this new, abundant life!

Reflection: Are you still living in the dark, and not enjoying life? Be set free and let Jesus be the Lord of your life!

Lord Jesus, please forgive me for all my sins. Come into my life and be my Lord and King. Amen!

[This reflection was originally published in Didache, Nov 25, 2017, both in paperback and online editions, and was read over Radio Veritas 846]

Former Ways

Former Ways
by Danny Tariman

Do not act in compliance with the desires of your former ignorance. – (1 Peter 1:14)

“Buddy, this one mug is for you!” I was in the company of old-time friends and I had just completed a Christian renewal seminar. It was our usual Saturday get-together in the neighborhood where beer and gin overflowed. I couldn’t abruptly turn my back on these friends who had been my drinking buddies for years.

But during that seminar, I surrendered my life to Jesus, including my drinking habit.

“You will undergo persecution,” my seminar facilitator warned. “People will insult you. But if you really want to stand up for the Lord, you should share His name.”

Remembering the advice, I told my drinking buddies, “Sorry but I just surrendered my life and this drinking to the Lord.” They laughed at me but I stood firm in my decision.

My drinking buddies later abandoned me little by little. And the Lord gave me a new set of friends, my Bible sharing group.

Indeed, “the old things have passed away; new things have come” (2 Corinthians 5:17). And with its passing away, I no longer indulged in my former desires.


Do you still gratify your fleshly desires? You have been redeemed!


Holy Spirit, continue to guide me and give me strength to resist temptations. Amen.

[This reflection was first published in Didache 2012]

Changing Mind, Changing Life

Changing Mind, Changing Life
by Danny Tariman

He said in reply, ‘I will not,’ but afterwards he changed his mind and went. (Mt 21:29)

In the work of evangelization, you will encounter varied responses. Most of them in the negative. Different reasons and alibis so as to escape an invitation to attend a Bible Study.

My friend Albert (not his real name) is no different from them. A confessed womanizer and a smoker (yes, you will smell him several feet away), he would almost always sneer at me when I mention “Jesus” or “Bible”.

”Saka na lang” would be his standard answer when I invite him.

But I never gave up on him.

One day, a common friend invited him to come to my birthday party. What Albert did not know is that the “party” includes a teaching of the Word.

When I lead the group to a prayer of salvation, and he was repeating after me, I know in my heart that the Lord “had” him.

Since then, he has been attending our Bible Study sessions and even opening his house to host a Bible Study. He once replied “Sorry, I can’t”, but later changed his mind and joined!

As with St Paul, I say this too: “I am confident of this, that he who began a good work in [him] will continue to complete it until the day of Christ Jesus.” (Phil 1:6) – Danny

Do you easily give up on our call to evangelize?

Holy Spirit, empower me to lead people to Jesus!

[This reflection was first published in Didache on Sept 28, 2008]