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Working Behind the Scene

Working Behind the Scene
By Danny Tariman

“The Father who dwells in me is doing his works.” (John 14:10c)

I have never doubted that the LORD is doing something good for me, in the background.

I recently acquired my “dual citizenship”. I became a senior citizen late last year. And I am jobless.

I had been looking for a job after the expiration of my consultancy work, but for over 9 months I was not successful. I had applied through internet job sites, through network of friends and still no work. My thinking that my age being the reason weighed in much more when I turned 60.

But I always kept my faith. I know the LORD is preparing something good behind the scene.

In middle of February, a person whom I have never met had invited me to connect with him in a social media platform for professionals. I wasn’t inclined to accept his invitation, but I noted that we have a common friend. I accepted him.

The following day, he messaged me if I am interested to Head the IT (Information Technology) Operations of a bank. I assessed the job description, and I believe I can do it. And so, I responded “Yes!”

At home, while watching a Christian preacher, it hit me hard when he said “immediate blessing is coming!” My heart jumped! And I claimed it.

Indeed, the same day I responded that I am interested in the job, I was immediately called for a face-to-face interview with the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). But before I accepted the interview, I asked if my age would matter. The HR said “No, it doesn’t matter”.

It was a nice casual meeting with the CTO. It was like an old professional acquaintance reconnecting with each other. I told him my work experience, and he was telling me his. After almost an hour of exchanging ideas, he had me wait as he left the lounge. The HR Officer approached me and said I have to meet the CEO for a confirmation meeting.

In my heart, I was shouting “Praise be to God! This is it!”

Indeed, after meeting the CEO, I was offered the job to Head the IT Operations.

I know, the LORD Who dwells in me, is doing His work. Thank You LORD!

Reflection: Are you praying for something that haven’t come to pass yet. Know that the Father is working behind the scene. Just have faith.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, strengthen my faith in You. Grant me the grace to wait for Your answer to my prayers in Your perfect timing. Amen.