Family Life

Danny & Niña decided to give their children the best education possible, that is, they themselves will teach their children in their early school years. Thus, both Dino & Dessa were homeschooled from primary school until they finished their high school. During those school days, it was Niña and Danny who would coach and teach their children all the way until they became qualified to take up college courses.


The family enjoys outdoors a lot. On weekends, Danny would normally take the family to long trips to the beach, or to the mountains, or to the rivers. Because of this lifesytle, the family has a ready-to-go camping kit consisting of a tent, a foldable table and chairs, and other small gadgets necessary for a quick trip to nature.


In those trips the family just loves the company of each other, playing ‘patintero’ – a Filipino traditional outdoor game, flying kites in the hills of Tagaytay, or fishing along breakwater near the coast. And as the children grew, they played word games, remote control toy cars and planes, or just playing along the beach and trying to catch whatever living creature on the reefs they can get, while Nina prepares the packed meal for the family.


With the children grown-up, they love to go on adventure trips. They went on a North Luzon trip where they marveled the beauty of La Union surfing destination, the Vigan old houses, the sand dunes in Laoag, the Bangui windmills, Pagudpod beach, and others. They had also visited the Banaue rice terraces. They had trekked Mt Pinatubo, drove all the way to Sorsogon in Bicol for a beach adventure, spent a leisure drive to Daranak Falls in Rizal, spent a night on a beach with the family building a bonfire, and many others.

My family at the summit marker.
My family at the summit marker.

Together they had scaled Mt Pulag, Luzon’s highest peak at 2,923m above sea level.  They had explored Camiguin Island, Guimaras Island, Calaguas Island, and also enjoyed the beach in Samal Island. They had also toured the famous Palawan Underground River, visited Iloilo, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, and many others.

The family keeps their communication open. They always strive to open up to each other almost every area of their lives. They share all their joys, their struggles, their victories, their problems, their jobs, the studies of the children. Because of the openness, they are friends to each other, they confide to one another, and they just love going out together.