Exploring Batu Cave

Family Adventures in KL – Day 3
Exploring Batu Cave
By Danny Tariman

My family had been roaming around Kuala Lumpur. We have been enjoying the beautiful sights of the city. I love its environment: cleaner air, less traffic, efficient and dependable mass transport system.

Our first day in the city was highlighted by our visit to two iconic structures: the KL Tower – a slim high tower with viewing deck at the top, and the Petronas Twin Towers, with a connecting bridge between the two 88-storey towers at its 41st level.

The city of Kuala Lumpur as seen from KL Tower

For the second day, I like the experience of the Night Street Market. An awesome place where I had tasted authentic Asian food from among the varieties of food available in many stalls lining both sides of the street.

We continue our tour of Kuala Lumpur.

Our third day in Kuala Lumpur was the culminating day for our family’s short visit to the city. We had planned and is booked to a bus trip to the state-city of Singapore at 1pm. So we have practically about 2-3 hours left of our family tour of Malaysia’s capital.

As planned, we should visit Batu Cave early in the morning so as to have time to prepare for our Singapore trip, and also to check-out of our accommodation.

The entrance gate to the Batu Cave complex

We arrived the Batu Cave complex at about 7:30 in the morning. Only few tourists were there when we arrived. We had time for some photo at the foreground, feeding tourist-friendly pigeons. Oh! it was really fun feeding those birds.

At the foot of the cave is a Hindu Temple. We are quite hesitant to enter. I observed how to go inside, and noticed that we just have to go – no questions asked. We passed by a narrow door and entered a very colorful interiors of the temple. Aside from the usual permanent setup, we noticed some newly decorated areas. Few minutes later there was a pre-nuptial shoot!

The stairs leading to Batu Cave

While inside the temple, of course we were very silent and had to speak in hush as a number of worshippers were inside. We had some good shots inside too.
But the most amazing experience of the day was climbing the 272-step hill leading to a series of caves with Hindu temples inside. From the level ground, the stairs are appealing because of its multi-colored steps in gradient colors. The iconic gigantic golden statue of a Hindu god stands tall at the foot of the stairs.
We had to stop several times to take our breath as the climb was truly a challenge.

Inside the Hindu temple

But once we reached the cave, I was awed by its size! It was the size of a big cathedral. And there were a number of Hindu temples in each of the chambers. If I remember correctly, I think I saw 3 small temples with worshippers doing their service.

We explored the inner chambers, with additional stairs as we go inside. But eventually, we retreated for shortness of time. We have to be back to our accommodation to prepare for our check-out.

Inside the Batu Cave

Back to the ground, we had a good rest at one of its shops offering traditional Malaysian and Indian souvenir items, and also food.

After refreshing ourselves, we traveled back to the city, and prepare for our afternoon trip to Singapore.

The inner chambers of the cave, with a Hindu temple at the left side.

Land Trip to Singapore

Our trip to Singapore was an experience in itself. I saw the countryside of Malaysia which I believe is generally cleaner than most of the Asian countries we had visited so far. Even the village houses we passed along the way show well-planned communities.

At the far end of the highway and just before crossing the border, was the immigration counter. It was easy, although there was queuing and generally good. No hassle.

Inside the temple at the foot of the stairs

Our next stop was the immigration of Singapore. I told myself “Singapore, here we come!”

It was truly an amazing experience in Kuala Lumpur. Truly fun and fully enjoyed. Thank You LORD!

– – – – – – –

More photos

Another area inside the temple
Inside the temple
Inside the cave
Another view inside the huge cave
At the foot of the cave showing a gigantic Hindu statue
The entrance of the Batu Cave complex

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