Tuwad-Tuwadan Rolling Hills & Rock Formations

Family Adventures
Tuwad-Tuwadan Rolling Hills & Rock Formations
by Danny Tariman

My family loves outdoors and adventures. We are always in the look-out for new places to explore. It was not a surprise that when we heard and saw photos of Tuwad-Tuwadan, we put it in our bucket list.

The view of the blue ocean from the hills

Tuwad-Tuwadan Rolling Hills and Rock Formation is in the northern tip of the island province of Catanduanes. It is within the bounds of a village called Balangonan in the town of Pandan. The town is about 90km north of the City of Virac. We drove to this town from Virac for almost 3 hours, enjoying the coastal view by the road.

We got lost, actually. We didn’t notice the road to Tuwad-Tuwadan and drove straight to the town proper where we asked for directions. [Poor me! We didn’t use technology – like Google Maps – to locate the place.] That was good too, because we were able to visit the town, and even had some moments of prayers inside St Ignatius of Loyola parish church.

The fresh winds of the hills greeting us

Driving back southbound from Pandan, we finally found the road to Tuwad-Tuwadan. It was another challenge as there were no directional signs yet, as the road was under construction. And because it was under construction, we passed through dirt and muddy road.

If you plan to go driving yourself, do not go straight to the village (barangay) of Balangonan as the locals will offer you to take a boat ride to Tuwad-Tuwadan. When you go by boat, you will miss the windy and magnificent view of the rolling hills.

The rock formation on a windy day and rough seas.

Asking a few locals, we were able to finally found the right road. It was a very tough and rough drive. I would highly recommend that you bring an SUV for this adventure. I drove passing through deep trenches in the middle of the trail; I had to carefully navigate the tires not to roll down the trench! It was really a difficult, almost off-road trail.

All the difficulties reaching the place were negated when we reached the rolling hills. It was indeed an awesome view, with winds splashing our faces! From the hills, I have a fantastic view of the cream colored beach cove which opens to the blue ocean.

Another view of the rolling hills

This is just the opening of Tuwad-Tuwadan! We continued our drive until we reached the drop-off place to start our trek. This was just a short less-than-a-kilometer drive.

We were guided by 2 little local girls. We trekked passing through a rice field paddy to the main rolling hills. Really beautiful! Even our puppy who went with us from Manila enjoyed the place. She run away from us and explored the hills too! It was a good 15-20 minutes of hiking.

A lagoon that would have been a “blue lagoon” had it not been for the rough sea.

The rock formation is a down-hill trek on the side of the hills to the sea. It was a very steep trek. Although the locals made some cemented steps, I was a bit scared going down as I have this fear of heights. What could have been the blue lagoon was a white lagoon when we visited the place. It was because the sea was rough, with waves pounding the rocks, and the suds splashed by the waves covered the lagoon. It was still a good place for photos though. We didn’t swim as it was quite dangerous because of rough seas.

After few minutes of photo-ops, enjoying the sea breeze, and the magnificent views, we drove back to Virac. Another amazing experience for our family!

My family enjoying another adventure
Me and my wife at the rice paddy going to the rolling hills.
With my son
And with my daughter