Sick Call


by Danny Tariman

“I was… ill and you cared for me… Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.” (Matthew 25:36B, 40)

Our family was just driving out of the Cultural Center after watching an evening ballet performance when my daughter told me “Papa, one of my officemates will be taken to a hospital on an emergency”.

I replied “What is your plan?”

She said “I plan to go with her as she is living alone in her apartment. Can you just please drop me off at the hospital?”

And so we dropped her off.

Meanwhile, we drove off and dropped my cousin near his house in Pasig City, then waited for our daughter in a nearby gas station. It was about 10:30pm.

By 11, she updated us “Maybe you just go home for now as she is still waiting to recover. I will just accompany her until she gets better and bring her home. I will just ride a cab going home.”

My family was so touched by her show of concern. My daughter could have chosen to just stay with us and relax after watching a superb ballet performance. She was giving her officemate an “extra mile”, as it was not her responsibility. Besides, the patient is not her staff, and it was too late in the evening.

I remember telling my family while we were waiting at the gas station “whatever you do for one of these least brothers, you do for the Lord”.

I am sure, the LORD is happy with what she did. I am proud of you my child. May the LORD bless you more abundantly!


Would you care for a person who is not related to you in any way? Or maybe just an acquaintance?


LORD let me see You in others, and that others may see You in me. Amen.

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