Believe, Receive!

Believe, Receive!
by Danny Tariman

“Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours.” (Mark 11:24)

We had planned to climb Mt Daraitan one weekend. We researched on what to prepare and readied everything we need for the trek.

My family is excited to go back to the trails and climb a mountain. And this time, it is near the city, just about 70kms away.

However as early as 2 weeks before our climb, three tropical storms were spotted near the country. One after the other. It was raining hard for many days. In fact, there were floods and land slides (due soil erosion) in many provinces. Classes were suspended in the provinces and well as in the Metro.

We prayed for our trek. We prayed that the LORD will blow the rain away from our paths, that the LORD will grant us dry, “trekable” trails when we climb the mountain.

But the storm continued. Even just days before our trek, the rains kept pouring. Hard and heavy.

We continued to lift up to the LORD our prayer for a good weather for the weekend we will climb.

We checked the weather forecast for the day of our climb. The predictions were gloomy – some forecasts predicted rains, some cloudy.

We persisted in our prayers. Every family prayer time, we prayed for good weather. We believe God can make this possible despite the 3 storms spotted near the country,

We recalled how the LORD answered a similar prayer when we trekked Mt Pulag. It was also raining days before our scheduled climb. In fact, our trek organizer informed us that the mountain administrator had closed the area for trekking due to rains. But praise God in His goodness, the sun dried the paths, so that on the weekend we climbed, it was dry, and the administrators opened it up for trekkers.

We believe that the LORD can make it happen again.

Not so surprising because we anticipated God’s favor, we found the road and the trail dry. There was no trace of rain when we climbed Mt Daraitan.

As the Bible says, “believe and receive” (Mark 11:24)

We believed, and we received the answer to our prayers. Praise and thanks be to God!

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