by Danny Tariman

“All bitterness… must be removed from you. Be… forgiving!” (Ephesians 4:31,32)

“Lord, I forgive this man.”

I uttered this prayer in my heart as I received another unwarranted bullying from my boss. It was truly a humiliating experience. He is the most difficult, stone-hearted fellow in the management team.

I was assigned under him upon my arrival in this overseas job. I can’t move. I can no longer think. I was blocked. To the point that even writing in my email the words “God bless!” was criticized.

Trying to witness for the Lord in my workplace, I just smiled. I learned to live in its truest sense the Word to “put on [then], as God’s chosen ones … kindness, humility.., and patience.” (Col 3:12)

In the days that followed, the harshness and the provoking words continued to fly. I was no longer productive.

I was bitter. But I decided to forgive.

One day, about 3 weeks since I started on this new job, the Chief Executive Officer circulated a memo that I, as a Division Manager, will be reporting to him directly.

Oh, how sweet to my ears this news is!

The Word of God is indeed true. “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you.” (James 4:10)

Do you feel like retaliating when someone insults you?

Lord, teach me to be humble and forgiving.

[This reflection first appeared in Didache Aug 9, 2009]


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