by Danny Tariman

The community of believers was of one in heart and mind. (Acts 4:32)

Our church workers went to Tagaytay City one weekend for a team building activity. It struck me that the reading for the Mass a few days later, is the principal subject of why we went to this mountain city.

We went up to this cool retreat venue to build up the church servants, that we may be of one heart and one mind for the Lord.

We had so much fun playing the games prepared for us: the “all at once”, the “reverse charade”, the “hoola-hoop”, the “pass the message”, and others.

We had so much laughter. All the 4 teams had quickly composed its respective “cheering”.

As we played the games, each group had to make strategies to win the games. Many were giving suggestions. Many were giving instructions on how to play the game.

Some lost, some won. But everyone had fun.

Processing our behavior, our reactions, and our participation in the games, there are a lot of parallelisms in our ministry work. Some of them are –

We have to be united, we need to move together in one direction. One person in a group that does not do what he is supposed to do will destroy the team’s ability to win.

We need to communicate with each other. We need to make sure that we are able to relay the message clearly, and that the other party fully understands the message.

There are many suggestions and instructions flying in the course of planning and strategizing. But when a decision is made, everyone should do his part to uphold and follow what has been decided.

Members of the team have different personalities and traits. But if we move together as one, setting aside our personal preferences for the greater good, we can easily achieve our purpose.

At first, a task may seem difficult to do. But with practice, and acceptance that it has to be done anyway, it becomes easier.

With many giving instructions, we need to hear only once voice – the leader’s voice – in order to win.

There are still many others we have learned during the games.

But there is one common denominator: to be one heart, one mind in serving the Lord through our ministries. Philippians 1:27 aptly says it:

Only conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ so that – whether I come and see you or whether I remain absent – I should hear that you are standing firm in one spirit, with one mind, by contending side by side for the faith of the gospel (Phil 1:27)

May the Lord prosper our ministries!


One thought on “Teamwork”

  1. Very good article! It aptly describes what the Parish Team Building was all about and summarizes the learnings so we can be reminded and carry these out as we continue on our journey and service to the Lord and our Parish.


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