Small Rules

Small Rules
by Danny Tariman

“Anyone who breaks one of the least of these commands and teaches others to do so will be called least in the kingdom of heaven…” (Matthew 5:19)

There are blessings, I mean a LOT of blessings, for obedience. The Word of God is very clear about following His Word.

“If you faithfully obey the voice of the LORD your God, being careful to do all his commandments that I command you today… all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you” (Deut 28:1-2)

I couldn’t fathom the blessings that are to “come and overtake” us when we obey the LORD.

But this is not just obeying the big commands. He says “being careful to DO ALL” – meaning “big” and “small” and everything!

I have noticed however, that there are many of us who disregard the “small rules”.

For example, crossing the pedestrian when the signal light is red, or even crossing the street outside of the pedestrian lane.

I remember my then little girl, many years ago. We were about to cross diagonally to cut short our steps, such that we will be walking outside of the lane. She reminded me “Papa, there is the pedestrian lane”, pointing her finger to the lane.. It is so embarrassing that a little girl would remind his father.

But this happens not just in our ordinary lives.

This happens too in church affairs.

One time, our pastor asked us, the church servants, to arrive at the church, 30 minutes before the Mass.

However, one of the servants, who maybe has difficulty arriving early, told the group “Maybe we can still serve if we arrive at least before the First Reading.” To which almost everyone agreed.

Deep in my heart, I was struggling. I remember the Bible verse that says “whoever relaxes one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be called least in the kingdom of heaven” (Mt 5:19 ESV)

It is not just our pastor that we – as a group – were disobeying, it is the LORD because the Word came from Him.

I prayed for grace, that despite our group “relaxing” of the rule, I will be able to come at the designated time of 30 minutes before the church service.

Let us strive to obey the LORD in all areas of our lives.

May you experience God’s bountiful blessings as you obey His Word!

2 thoughts on “Small Rules”

  1. It is a grey area I need to overcome… especially when I tend to go for easiest way out of something I’m not suppose to do. Compromising with the right thing to do.


  2. Not all the time our pastors expresses the will of God. We also must help them be reminded to kiss the feet of their flock not only in rituals. Like your daughter telling you to use the pedestrian lane. You listen to your daughter because of your Family relationship. Humble enough to bring down the pride of being a “Padre de Familia”. Perhaps we can share our kind of experience to our pastors to remind them also that kind of relationship. For we all belong to the Family of God.


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