Cruising Manila Bay

Cruising Manila Bay
by Danny Tariman

I had spent half of my life in Manila. But until recently, I had no opportunity to view the entire stretch of the Roxas Boulevard from a good vantage point, that is, from Manila Bay.

The famous golden sunset of Manila Bay

Arriving just before sunset, I and my family were able to watch the sun as it goes down the horizon in full golden amber color! A truly romantic view, witnessing the sun slowly sliding down from our view. You see promenaders silhouetted against the golden sun.

The Manila bay view at night.
The Manila bay view at night.

Few minutes later, as darkness was setting-in, and you turn your view towards the city, another lovely view unfolds – the boulevard lighting up from end-to-end. The full panorama of glittering lights of Roxas Boulevard is something that I hadn’t seen before, something that I can only see from postcards of Manila.

Upon boarding the small cruise ship, we were greeted by crew, and were ushered to our table. Yes, we will have a dinner-cruise by the bay.

Wow, it is indeed a fantastic view of Manila! You can see the street lights, the lighted buildings lining the boulevard, and the moving vehicles, adding colors to the darkness that was starting to set-in.

The yacht that took us to the bay cruise.
The yacht that took us to the bay cruise.

At the left side, you can see the Rizal Park with the brilliance of lights, and to the right side, the SM Mall of Asia where a fully lighted, gigantic ferries wheel stands tall. Somewhere in the middle, the lights of the Cultural Center Complex, and the Star Carnival site stands out.

View from the bay: City of Manila before darkness
View from the bay: City of Manila before darkness

While we were enjoying the sights, we were serenaded by a crooner who belted out some romantic songs and ballads as we cruise the bay.

As we cruise towards the SM Mall of Asia, the food for dinner was served. Really a beautiful experience to dine while on board a boat cruising the famous Manila Bay.

Good food, good music, fantastic views, wonderful family!

Great views, good food, good music. Indeed a romantic dinner-cruise experience for my family.

More photos:

With my wife


The Bayview at night


Roxas Blvd as viewed from the bay


The stunning Manila sunset



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