Stilts: A Different Kind of Beach Adventure

Stilts: A Different Kind of Beach Adventure
by Danny Tariman

We’ve been to many beach resorts in Luzon but this one is unique. The cottages are like ‘floating’ on the seas. Yes, it is standing on stilts, hence the name. But aside from these uniquely built huts, the seashore is teaming with life. My son who is always looking for sea creatures that he can ‘pet’ in his aquarium enjoyed scouring the sea bed.st02

The resort is about 2 ½ hours drive from South Metro Manila. We left home very early in the morning, and drove via Tagaytay City. We had a pit stop in this city and had our “breakfast-on-wheels” – the packed food which we eat inside our parked van.

We drove further down in the direction of Nasugbu, Batangas. Passing the towns of Nasugbu and Calatagan, we finally reached our destination.st06

The resort is really nice. It has a swimming pool, should you wish to swim in the safety of fresh water pool, a restaurant which offers reasonably priced Filipino dishes. And since this is Batangas, of course we ordered the famous “bulalo” for lunch.

The accommodations on stilts are uniquely good – fresh, sea breeze continuously blowing through the open windows, you don’t need air-conditioning here. It has cottages for 2 and the bigger ones can fit a family. It was truly restful experience sleeping or just laying down on its rattan hammock perched between posts.st05

You if you are trying to crunch your budget, you can opt to just stay under the trees lined along the beach, and borrow table and chairs from the resort. 😉 It is good too, because access to the beach is unrestricted.st07

The sea is really great for its bio-diversity. It has a lot of sea creatures. You need to wear you aqua-shoes to make sure you wont get injured or stung by any under-sea creature. Yes, there are a lot sea orchins – which my son likes because he can take home some! Also star fish, and perhaps plankton too which is used to feed some species of salt-water fish.

My son's salt-water aquarium
My son’s salt-water aquarium

The beach itself is a long creamy-brown stretch of sand. It is almost flat, you wont be scared to dip into the sea, like some beach line which has sudden slope to the deep. You can have a lot of fun activities on the beach.

Really a great place for a family weekend trip!

The raft by the shore


My son below the cottage on the sea

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