Lessons from Ants

Lessons from Ants
by Danny Tariman

“Ants are creatures with little strength, ​​​​​​but they prepare their food in the summer” (Proverbs 30:25)

I hate ants!

But there is one thing that I like in ants: they know how to save for the “rainy days”.

Have you seen busy ants walking in an invisible trail bringing food to their nest? Each one has a load of tiny little piece of food to keep in their storage, and it goes back to get some more.

Read this verse from the Bible in Proverbs 6:6-8:

​”​​Go to the ant… ​​​​​​observe its ways and be wise! ​​​​​​​It has no commander, ​​​​​​overseer, or ruler, ​​​​​​​yet it prepares its food in the summer; ​​​​​​it gathers at the harvest what it will eat.”

They do this to prepare for the times when they cannot go out to search and hunt for food.

They SAVE for later use.

Each time I open its nests, I see plenty – I mean really plenty – of white grains of food.

I am sure the LORD is telling us something here, which is why it is written in the Bible – that we should also save for our later use.

We must save for emergencies.

We must save for investments.

We must save for our retirement.

We must save money.

Some might say, “It’s hard! I can hardly live with my money!”.

I have a 3-point suggestion:

  1. Set aside 10% for the LORD, so He can bless you more.
  2. Set aside 20% for savings or investments. If you have debts, settle them first within this range.
  3. Live within in the 70% remaining.

This word from Suze Orman still rings in my heart: “live below your means but within you needs”.

We need to classify what we spend for: Is it a “need” or a “want”?

For example, we all “need” a mobile phone to communicate – by text or by voice call. But most “want” to have games, camera, Facebook, etc on their mobile phones. And still some wants “branded” ones!

How much will you save if you meet your “needs” and not your “wants”? Big time!

Start saving money today.

I pray that the LORD will enrich your life!


[Photo credit: wikimedia.org]


One thought on “Lessons from Ants”

  1. Kuya Danny, I always invest for my soul and my body. God is teaching me how to do it. I am very happy with my investments. Tamang tama lang at sapat. Sometimes maraming excess pero may purpose pala. Never naging short always may surplus…. Gods way if you are united to His Divine Will.


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