Enjoy Life

Enjoy Life
by Danny Tariman

“And this is a gift from God: that every man to whom God has given wealth and resources, and to whom he has granted the ability to consume these, may enjoy his portion, and may find joy in his labors.” (Ecclesiastes 5:19)

“You are so fortunate to visit those places, Danny”

“Your family is blessed. You have a happy family.”

“You must have a lot of excess money. You are spending a lot for these travels.”

These are the common comments I get every time I post photos on Facebook, showing my family’s latest outings.

Yes, my family enjoys a lot going places – together. We love to discover the many beautiful spots and the wonderful sceneries in our country. And add to these, we like to discover also the local delicacies in the different regions and provinces.

Yes, we spend money, but we spend it prudently. There is a way to go places without spending too much. The important thing is you enjoy going places together.

Let me share with you a wisdom I got from a friend who shared with me many years ago.

He told me “Bro, you don’t have to spend to enjoy going out.

“1) Before you check-in, eat your lunch first outside the resort or hotel, after-all check in time is at 12noon and sometimes its even 1pm.

“2) Stuff your packed food and drinks – for afternoon snack & dinner – in you car’s compartment. Keep and leave it there because most of the hotels and resorts don’t allow guests to bring food inside their room or facility. When it is time for afternoon snack, take your family to your parked car, and eat inside your car. And when it is time for dinner, go back to your car and eat. And enjoy!

“3) Since most of these hotels and resorts offer breakfast for free, take your breakfast there so your family will also experience eating at the hotel or resort, and

“4) Leave the hotel at close to its check-out time – which is usually 11am to 12noon. Then eat your lunch at a fastfood as you go, along the way.”

True, I enjoy going places without bleeding my pocket.

More wisdom: plan your trip well in advance.

We don’t usually go for package tour. We arrange our itinerary ourselves. This give us more flexibility, and more places to go in shorter time, and if we want to stay longer in a place, we can do so without breaking a package’s itinerary.

We research. We Google the places to go. We search the most practical hotel to stay, and the restaurants nearby, we research for local food and delicacies. We research the roads and directions on Google Map. And yes, we allow ourselves to get lost at times – yeah, it is part of the excitement and (mis)adventure!

Yes, we enjoy life together!

As the Bible says “You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands; you shall be blessed, and it shall be well with you.” (Psalm 128:1-2)

Thank you LORD for this wonderful gift – a happy, enjoyable family life!


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