Preparing for a Presentation

Preparing for a Presentation
by Danny Tariman

“Make every effort to present yourself before God as a proven worker who does not need to be ashamed” (2Timothy 2:15)

The group was about to present the demo by 9 in the morning.

At 8:30 as he was on the way to the meeting, the leader received a text “Sir, I have some technical glitch. The demo does not run.”

At 9 o’clock the staff still tries to make it run.

Finally, by 9:15, it worked.

They immediately proceeded to the meeting venue. By then the attendees, the big boss including, were anxiously waiting for the group as it was agreed earlier that in all meetings, all parties should be at the venue 15 minutes before the appointed time.

Times like these can be really tense. It is frustrating, to say the least!

But how do we do this as a Christian and be a good witness?

I have a 4-P suggestion:

Pray. The day or the night before, pray that the Lord will guide you all throughout your preparation, and that the event will be successful. Pray for wisdom on what to prepare. Pray for words to speak that you may deliver your talk with confidence, and with persuasion if necessary. Pray too for your audience or participants that they may understand, appreciate your presentation and agree with what you say.

In Luke 6:12 the Bible says that “Jesus went out to the mountain to pray, and he spent all night in prayer to God.” He prays before big events happen – like before choosing his disciples, and before performing great miracles.

Prepare. Be ready for the real thing. Practice your slides, practice your lines and your talk, and practice your moves. Make sure that everything works before the day of your appointment.

A good preparation readies us for good work. 2 Timothy 2:21 should guide us. It says “if someone cleanses himself of such behavior, he will be a vessel for honorable use, set apart, useful for the Master, prepared for every good work.” Note that before he can be a good “vessel”, he has to prepare, and he did it by “cleansing” himself. The operative word here is “prepare”.

Better to bring those little extras – extension cord, plug adaptor, backup files on USB drive, VGA-to-HDMI video adaptor (if you are to use a projector), laser pen light, scissors, clips, and others.

Perform. During the meeting and the presentation, give your best. Relax, and just be yourself — a confident, empowered person, ready to win.

“Do not worry about how to speak or what to say” (Matthew 10:19). With prayers and good preparation, it will be the Lord who will guide you.

Don’t be afraid to commit mistakes – like wrong grammar or wrong pronunciation. Everyone commits error in one way or another. Remember, you are the presenter because you are the subject matter expert.

Pointers. After your meeting and presentation, meet your group and ask for feedback. Ask for honest evaluation. This is your pointer towards a better you, and a better meeting and presentation.

Whenever my wife is with me, I would normally ask her for feedback. While she is my number-one fan, she too is my honest-to-goodness critic. I hear from her both the good and the bad sides of my presentation or talk.

I pray that your next presentation be truly successful, in Jesus’ name!

Say “Amen” if you believe!


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