The Natural Beauty of Capones Island

The Natural Beauty of Capones Island
by Danny Tariman

I immediately fell in love with this tropical paradise as our boat reached its shores. Pristine creamy white sand, crystal clear waters, pure nature & untouched island bliss. I am even dreaming of camping for a night with my family.

The Capones Island can be seen from the shores of Pundaquit, Zambales. It is the farther of the 2 islands in front of the town. It can be reached by a 20-minute boat ride.

The pristine beach of the island.
The pristine beach of the island.

If you are not familiar with the place, your point of reference should be the Subic Bay Free Port.

We arrived in Subic very early in the morning at about 6. We had a pit stop at Total Gas station along Subic’s main road where we had our packed breakfast. This gas station has man-made lake in its backyard, which offered scenic and refreshing welcome for us.

My family at the vast beach of the island.
My family at the vast beach of the island.

Pundaquit, Zambales is a village about an hour drive from Subic. We were met and welcomed by Jason, Ate Fe’s brother near the town hall. (Ate Fe was our tour contact. Her mobile phone is 0917-667-5374. She and her brother were very accommodating. She even gave us updates on Zambales’ weather as it was rainy in the metro). He rode with us and guided us all the way to the Pundaquit shoreline. Of course, he also led us to a guarded parking lot and helped us carry our luggage.

The Capones lighthouse.
The Capones lighthouse.

Upon reaching Capones Island, I was truly mesmerized by its near-virgin state: the creamy white sand, very clear waters, no structures – except in its far end which is not really visible. The beach was vast and wide, I wanted to camp overnight! It is undeveloped – it has no water supply, no electricity, no toilet nor bathroom – truly the island for nature lovers.

On the other end of the island is the Capones lighthouse which you may reach by riding the boat again. It would have been a nearer option (to the lighthouse) if we moored our boat at the back; but because the waves were a bit high, our boatmen decided to anchor in front, which has a longer trekking – about 15 minutes from the beach. Jason joined us in the trek and was guiding our tour of the island and the lighthouse.

My family at the deck of the lighthouse, overlooking the seas.
My family at the deck of the lighthouse, overlooking the seas.

The lighthouse shows that it is a historical piece: old red bricks, cast iron stairs which for me is a “work or art”, and the surroundings really is a witness of a past era. The view from the deck was awesome! You will see the open seas fronting the West Philippine Sea (or the South China Sea, whichever you prefer to call it).

I understand that during summer months, the queue to the lighthouse is long. It’ll take you a long wait before you can climb its deck. Tip: go there during lean months — June to February. Just ensure there is no weather disturbance in the country.

If you love nature, this is nature at its best!

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