Blessed Pair of Eyes

by Danny Tariman

Blessed are the eyes that see what you see! – Luke 10:23

When I was the sixth wait-listed passenger queuing at the airport, and the counter clerk called me ahead of the rest, I saw the hand of the Lord moving.

When I was given a job to head the project management office of a leading IT company where my subordinates were Masters degree holders and certified project managers while I was neither, I saw the favor of the Lord resting on me.

When I was able to buy in cash a house and lot at an incomprehensibly low price but still beyond my current capacity to pay, I saw the power of the Lord manifesting.

In my “old life,” I’ve had some good luck. I took it all as coincidental or it happened because of me or my doing. I never saw it as coming from God.

I realize now, as I continue to know and grow in the Lord and serve Him, that nothing happens by chance. I am blessed that my eyes are now able to see God moving in my life.

Count your blessings yesterday, the past week, last month. Do you see the Lord moving in your life?

Thank You, dear Jesus, for coming into my life. Continue to manifest Your favor upon me and let me see Your blessings for me. Amen.

[This reflection is first published in Didache Dec 2, 2014]

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