The Exciting Pagudpod Beach and other Destinations

Our North Luzon Road Trip Leg #4
The Exciting Pagudpod Beach and other Destinations

by Danny Tariman

Creamy white, powdery sand, crystal blue waters, fresh & crisp clean wind – these are the minimum description I can give for Pagudpud. For most people, this place is referred to as the Boracay of the North – Boracay being the very famous beach in the Visayas!

Pagudpud is our 4th destination of this 6-day road trip to Northern Luzon.

My family in Pagudpod Blue Lagoon Beach
My family in Pagudpod Blue Lagoon Beach

Leaving Laoag City after lunch, we drove north-east towards the northernmost tip of Philippine’s biggest island of Luzon.

I really love driving long distance. And I like our very dependable Isuzu Crosswind which had been our travel-mate many, many times.

For this leg of our trip, we planned to stop at a number of tourist destinations between Laoag and the beach.

The Bacarra bell tower
The Bacarra bell tower

Our first stop is at Bacarra town where a centuries-old Church tower still lives up to this day. I had noticed that for this road trip, we had seen a lot of baroque churches. Bacarra is another one. The main church building had already been restored but the bell tower is left at its state which had been ruined, reportedly, by 2 strong earth quakes. What’s fascinating is the story that old church & tower were built from coral bricks and clay.

Moving on, we drove further north until we saw this Burgos lighthouse. This light house is on top of the scenic hill of Cape Bojeador. This is why it is called also as Cape Bojeador Lighthouse. This shipping navigational aid is still

The Burgos lighthouse
The Burgos lighthouse

operational, for over 100 years of guiding seamen and ships which passes through the northern Philippine seas! The tower itself is made of bricks and was first used in 1892. The caretaker was kind enough to tour us inside the lighthouse’s mini-museum. He showed us old photos while relating to us stories.

At this point, we had reached the north. We continued our drive eastward towards the direction of Pagudpud.

The Bangui windmill
The Bangui windmill

We dropped by the amazing Bangui windmill farm. Wow! The vanes of the windmill are maybe twice the length of a full-sized bus! It is indeed an awesome experience to see these row of windmills that generates electric power! These gigantic vanes stand on over 2-kilometer stretch along the beach. Really a sight to behold!

From the windmill farm we proceeded with our road trip to Blue Lagoon, Pagudpod. This is about 15km further eastward from the long stretch of Pagudpod beach. If you are driving your own car on a half-full tank, I recommend that you fill-up your gas tank at the junction as there are no gas filling stations ahead. I made sure I have full tank because our trip back is via Cagayan Valley.

Finally we reached Blue Lagoon, Pagudpod mid-afternoon. We checked-in a home-stay arrangement. There is a deluxe beach-front hotel in the area but it appears to be very expensive; we are touring on an economy budget ;-). There are plenty of rooms for rent in the area too. In fact, a house behind has a number of foreign guests.

We dipped into the waters late afternoon. And yes! It was crystal clear sea waters welcoming our excitement! You can see the bottom of the sea even at chest-level water.

When we woke up the following morning, we hit the beach again! Haha! This is the reason for a beach outing, isn’t it? And so we just enjoyed the moments we were in Pagudpod.

My family breakfast in front of the beach.
My family breakfast in front of the beach.

The beach quality of the Blue Lagoon, Pagudpod is excellent – powdery, white sand which is truly soft on your feet. The swimming area is sandy also, except on side areas where there some rock formation – good for snorkeling too!

We wrapped-up our Pagudpod leg at about 9 o’clock in the morning. We were headed back to Manila via the eastern side passing through Cagayan Valley – check out my next blog on this as we explore another great destination!

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