Peer Pressure

by Danny Tariman

The king was distressed, but because of his oaths and the guests who were present, he ordered that it be given. – Matthew 14:9

“You can do it, Danny!”

My officemates were egging me to dance during a company party. I declined, saying, “I have two left feet, and I don’t really dance.” But that made them pull me to the dance floor all the more.

With all the strength I could muster, I gave in and danced.

Like King Herod in today’s Gospel, I gave in to peer pressure. Even though he didn’t want to harm John, Herod had him killed just the same because of pressure from his guests.

Many times, we go through crossroads of peer pressure.
Sometimes it’s as simple as making the sign of the cross and praying before meals in a restaurant. Because of our fear of being scorned by friends, we don’t do it.

At times, it is as “big” as skipping Sunday Mass. The invitation from friends to go to the beach or go on a road trip doesn’t permit you to attend Mass, and yet you “go with the flow” because of peer pressure.

Dear friend, stand up for your faith. The Bible says in Matthew 10:32, “Everyone who acknowledges me before others, I will acknowledge before my heavenly Father.

Reflection: How many times did you “fail” the Lord because of peer pressure?

Lord, I am sorry for not standing up for You. I am sorry that I kept silent about You. Please grant me the grace to stand up for You. Amen.

[This reflection is out at Didache today, Aug 2, 2014. You may click this link to go to its website ]


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