by Danny Tariman

“Seek and you will find…” (Matthew 7:7)

It was early in the morning. I was about to go to work when my wife said to me “I can’t find the original CR. Did you keep it?”

I replied “No, I did not keep it. Let us pray for it. I know it is just somewhere inside.”

She was referring to the original copy of the Car Registration Certificate.

We were about to register our car for its annual registration at a local Land Transportation Office (LTO). My wife was preparing the documents – the Car Registration Certificate, the previous Official Receipt of registration – when it occurred to her that the original Car Registration is lost!

She tried to look for the usual compartments where we normally keep documents like this. But this time, it is not there. She prayed, as I suggested, while she continually look for it in every possible place.

While waiting for my ride, I texted and asked her if she found it. She replied back that we continue to pray. She said she went the back to the possible locations again – the drawers and shelves – but couldn’t find it.

We kept on praying. Few minutes later, she was led to get hold of a Holy Week Reflection booklet which we carried along in our travel to Bicol last Holy Week.

Lo and behold! The original Certificate of Registration of our car was inserted in the book!

And our car’s registration was processed at the local LTO very fast.

Indeed, there is nothing impossible for those who believe. As the Word of God in Matthew 7:8 “For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds.”

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