My Baby Is Now A Lady

by Danny A. Tariman

“The child grew and became strong, filled with wisdom; and the favor of God was upon him” (Luke 2:40)

I remember carrying her in our arms almost every early morning for the daily Mass. I remember taking her and her brother to Bible Study sessions when she was just 3 years old; yes, I would drive about 30 kilometers to bring them to the Center. I remember when she took her first communion at The Holy Family Parish, in Pasig City.

We decided to give her and her brother the best education possible – that of being home-schooled. We took our children out from a regular school to continue their studies at home. It was us – the parents – teaching and guiding our children.

We received so many questions for this decision. How can they relate to other children? How about their social life? How can they mingle with other people?

We just prayed, leaving the fate of our children to God.

Many years later, she finished high school at home after so much dedication, self-discipline, and “hard work”. She finished her fourth year in just about 6 months!

After her high school, we thought that she must be ready to go back to a regular school. She took the entrance exam and was accepted in one of the best universities in the country. It was one of our shining moments as a family!

At the university, she was a leader. She was a natural leader of group activities (thesis, projects and all), she became a president of an organization, she was elected as batch vice president in the campus elections.

She now works as an IT consultant in a bank even before her graduation. She will be joining the University’s graduation ceremonies on February 16, a few days from now.

Indeed, my baby has grown up, and the favor of God is with her!

Congratulations, my daughter! Mama, Kuya & Papa are proud of you!