Time Out

by Danny Tariman

For the Father loves the Son… (John 5:20)

The sky was overcast on that particular weekend. Rains had just stopped from days of continuous pouring.

In the midst of an otherwise lazy day, my son had an interesting invitation.

“Let’s fly my plane, Papa”

No, he didn’t mean an Airbus nor a Boeing passenger aircraft. Not even a 4-seater Cessna plane.

He was actually asking me to join him for the first flight of his remote-controlled battery-operated airplane he just bought few days ago.

“That would be nice!” was my immediate response.

I had this flying time with my son few years back, and indeed I enjoyed watching him control the toy airplane, and watching the flight itself. I was his assistant: retrieving the light plane from a branch when it is accidentally caught-up by a tree, or picking up the toy from a grassy field after a disastrous flight.

I liked it. I love the time well spent with my son.

Because I love him.

This particular weekend, I accompanied my son to the village’s open playground. As we walk towards the park, he was explaining to me the mechanics on how to fly, the buttons & sticks of the remote control gadget. I am again excited to see how my son will fly his toy aircraft.

When we reached the park, he immediately walked across the open area and started to operate the plane. I was at a distance, in awe at how this toy can fly. [During my time, I had airplanes made of folded paper which has only about 3 seconds flying time].

I was his  ecstatic audience enjoying every moment of seeing him happy with his plane.

I was the “pick-up” man too. Yes, I would pick up the plane when it makes a bad landing. Or will retrieve the toy from the trees when it is caught up by the branches.

Not much story-telling, nor sharing of experiences.

It was purely a time of enjoying the company of each other. Of sharing time, of sharing laughter, sharing of ohhhs and wows as the plane glides through the air.

At over 50, who would think I will still enjoy playing airplanes? Yes, I enjoyed it. It was a time-out well spent. Because I enjoy seeing my son happy.


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