Pass The Baton

Pass The Baton
by Danny Tariman

Commission Joshua, and encourage and strengthen him, because he will lead these people… (Deut 3:28)

“Let us give the young generation the leadership to organize our next family reunion”.

This was the gist of our — my cousins Myrna & Allen, and my — decision as we start to plan again for a grand Family Reunion in 2013.

All these recent years, it has been our generation who organized the family reunions. We had known a lot of our family circles but the younger ones hadn’t had the opportunity to connect with their cousins and relatives from other clans.

We thought of engaging them so that they will be the ones to plan, coordinate, and execute the event. And through this, they will know and become closer to their cousins and relatives from other clans.

While we were into the thick of this idea, I can’t help but remember how Moses in the Bible turned over his leadership to the younger generation. He picked up young Joshua who had been his assistant during his leadership. After he laid his hands on Joshua, the young leader successfully led the people.

And so, after deciding to that we let the young generation do the lead, I have no doubt they WILL MAKE it.

We (Myrna, Allen & myself) decided to call our first meeting, an initial planning session last weekend of July at Allen’s house.

Myrna was all set for the initial session: she had the agenda ready and printed, complete with identified committees to handle various tasks. I was ready too. Allen as the host was ready also — including food, and meeting setup.

But early in the discussions, I said, why don’t we from old generation take a back seat now, and let the younger generation do the planning? And so we did.

We, old ones, vacated the meeting seats and let the younger ones take over.

We hear a lot of giggles, and laughters, and jokes while the young ones were meeting! “We accomplished something”, I told myself! We were able to strengthen the bond of friendship among the young cousins.

I was eavesdropping. While I was conversing with my generation, I would move my eyes once in a while to the youngsters while they were meeting. Yes, there were moments of serious talks too.

But really, I can observe them working on the plan for the grand family reunion. I was very glad deep inside of me because of another accomplishment: that the young generation is now leading!

We finished almost 6pm, very happy because of the 2 things we had accomplished: the youngs are now closer, and the youngs are able to lead and plan — mostly on their own — for the big event.

We drove off very satisfied.

Late evening, the minutes of meeting came out. Oh wow, it was so wonderfully made! Complete with details!

Congratulation my nephews and nieces! You did a truly great job! We fully support you and we are proud of you!

Indeed, from now on, the Joshua Generation may lead!


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