by Danny Tariman

There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. (Prov 18:24)

It was a usual evening after The Feast, a prayer meeting of the Light of Jesus Family. This Feast I am referring to is the one in Port Moresby, in Papua New Guinea.

I and my friends Paul & Agnes Sive, Rhomel & Maricris Villacastin were huddled in the dining hall of Ela Beach Hotel Brassierie last Saturday, 5th May. We would have been with Monj & Brenda Garay but they called up last minute to apologize as they will not be able to make it that night.

Over 2 large pizzas — one tropical pizza and one super-supreme – we just enjoy the company of each other. We shared stories and fun, at times reflecting on the blessings the LORD had given each one of us. We shared on what happened earlier in the day.

It is really a blessing to have friends like them. They are very supportive, fun to work with, will stick with me through thick and thin, and above all, all are God-loving, God-fearing people who will never say no to a call to serve the Lord.

Yes, earlier in the day we had the Feast which we hold every first and third Saturday of the month. Wow, we had an afternoon of pure blessings! We had a wonderful worship led by Monj, and I gave the talk on “Bouncing Again: Be Unstoppable”, while Paul & Agnes busied themselves with the admin side of the ministry and Rhomel with the technical.

We were so busy the whole of the afternoon, that a relaxing fellowship in the evening over pizzas and drinks is something that really soothes our weary body… and soul.



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