by Danny Tariman

Dear friend, you demonstrate faithfulness by whatever you do for the brothers, even though they are strangers. (3 John 1:5)

I was taking down the announcement posters at the church entrance doors. It has been there for 1 month now. We are into a new topic.

As I was busy with this simple task, 3 men approached me from nowhere.

“Sir, when is the next Mass here?” one man asked me.

“Oh, this is the last Mass here (referring to the Shrine of Mary Help of Christians). There is a Mass in town in the afternoon at 5pm.” I offered to give them more options.

But they appeared uneasy.

I learned in our short conversation that they are new to the city, and are working in a campsite several kilometers away.

I suddenly remember that there is another Mass at 11am at the nearby St Joseph church. So I tried to give them directions. But all the more they were puzzled. They really have no idea of the place.

They have no transportation of their own; they were just dropped off by the company bus so they can go to Mass.

Sensing that they came all the way from their campsite which is about 30km away just to go to Mass, I offered to take them in my car so that they can fulfill their wish.

While on board my car for a very short 1km ride to the next church, I have learned that they seldom go out of their campsite. It was indeed an opportunity for them to go to Church that Sunday.

I was touched by their zealousness to go to Mass. While many people, just living across the street, and would easily excuse themselves from not going to church, these 3 men who don’t even know the place, braved to go to an unfamiliar place 30km from their dormitory.

After that short 3-minute drive, I dropped them off and reminded them to call their company driver to pick them up at St Joseph Church.

I feel blessed after guiding them and giving them a ride. It made my day!

I remember the verse from Hebrew 13:2 “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels…”

Yes, they could be angels.


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