We Home-Schooled Our Children

by Danny Tariman

“Since parents have conferred life on their children, they have a most solemn obligation to educate their offspring” (Vatican II – Familiaris Consortio of Pope John Paul II)

As parents, we wanted the best education we can possibly give our 2 very wonderful children.

Dino was in Grade 3 while Dessa was in Grade 1 when we finally decided to let them go on home schooling. They were enrolled in one of Manila’s best schools.

Between my wife and me, it was me who was struggling to the idea of pulling Dino from La Salle Greenhills and Dessa from St Paul Pasig, to study at home. I thought they are already studying in the best schools around the town.

But the LORD has His ways.

Bullying of classmates, cuss words learnt from others, and other incidents had gripped my heart and finally I decided we let them go on home schooling.

We enrolled them in a US-based Catholic Home School. All the materials were flown in from the U.S. and exam papers are sent back to checking and grading.

It was a difficult adjustment at first. Both for us parents and the children.

I had to call from office almost every hour to check their progress. I have to remind our children that if they want more play time in the afternoon, they need to finish their studies early. It was a bit of a ‘reward’ for them – the playtime. As they progress, they were able to know how to manage their respective time. And it also instilled in them the discipline of diligently studying.

There are a lot of fruits that we had as a result of their being home schooled. The bond amongst us is stronger, peer pressure was not there, the values they got were the family values we want them to grow, the love and fear of God are deeply instilled (we go to daily Mass together), and above all, they were truly outstanding students in their University days.

Of course, since they have no school term to follow, we can travel at anytime together, and enjoy the visits to various places.

The very nagging issue that people ask me – their social well being, how they will interact with others – were totally shattered when my children went to the universities. Both of them were leaders in their respective colleges. And they are good in handling people and events!

Dino was recruited early to write for the University newspaper and eventually handled organizing of events, while Dessa took leadership roles in University organizations. Both received Dean’s scholastic award in their respective courses.

Today I would say, without any doubt, it was the best decision we had made for our children’s studies. Indeed parents are primarily responsible for the education of their children.

Thank You, LORD!

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4 thoughts on “We Home-Schooled Our Children”

  1. Hi Sir,may I please know what’s the name of th e US based Catholic Home School? Is it possible for working parents to home school their children? I have an incoming Grade 7 and we are scared to enroll her to a big school.because of the bully issues,even if it is a.catholic school.will appreciate for your reply.God bless and many thanks.


    1. Hi Grace,
      We enrolled them at Seton Catholic Home School. I would recommend that one parent stays home – this was our arrangement.
      If you are afraid of bullying, then this is your best option.


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