Let Love Flow!

Let Love Flow!
by Danny Tariman

“Be devoted to one another with mutual love, showing eagerness in honoring one another.” (Romans 12:10)

May 14 – Monday. The Mass readings yesterday talks about love. In fact, Fr Louie said that the word “love” was mentioned 9 times in 4 verses in the Second Reading, and 9 times again in the 8 verses on the Gospel Reading. He emphasized that if the Good News is to be summarized in one word, that is “l-o-v-e”.

Yesterday, I honored my wife of almost 25 years. No distance too far for me to show my love for her. I called her first hour in the morning to greet her Happy Mothers’ Day. We had a video conference with family at about lunchtime, then I called her again late in the afternoon. Because I love her so dearly.

My children cannot be outdone showing their love to their mother. They cooked food, served meals, and cleaned the house and the car. They gave their mother “day off” from her house chores.

This is love.

While I am thousands of miles away from my family, another family in Port Moresby ‘adopted’ me as their own. They treat me as a member of their family — from the father to the youngest child — all showed their love and affection for me.

We had a family gathering yesterday.

In mid-afternoon, Paul & Agnes called me to meet up with them down at Ela Beach Hotel. I hurriedly drove down and meet them at the hotel’s parking area. There I found them, together with Graham & Joy, waiting for me. Eugene and Nathan were left at home busy preparing a feast for Agnes, whose day we celebrate as “Mothers’ Day”.

We proceeded to the beach for a short walk while waiting for the pizza. Huddled in the sandy shore, we exchanged laughter and stories. We shared about our love for God, the ministries the Lord had entrusted to us, and yes, the blessings of being living in the Lord’s care!

Eventually, we left Ela Beach Hotel and headed for the Sive’s family home in Waigani. When we arrived, Eugene just finished the last dish he was cooking.

The family gathering started with words to honor the celebrant — Agnes. Paul started to honor her. Yes, he told the family of the many wonderful things Agnes had cared and given the family. With camera to shoot the moment, Paul gave Agnes a hug and a kiss.

After his honoring Agnes, he called each child to pay loving respect to Agnes. Eugene, Nathan, Graham gave their thanksgiving to their mother, while young Joy just gave her loving hug to her Mom.

After I led the prayers, we partook of the sumptuous meal prepared by the children. While sharing our time, our laughter and our stories, the love of God was just flowing freely.

I praise God for my family in Manila.

I praise God for the family who adopted me as their own here in Port Moresby.

Indeed, the Gospel of love I heard in the morning Mass is real. I feel it, I experience it, I am in it.

It is God’s love!


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