It’s All Family

It’s All Family
by Danny Tariman

“We are God’s children…” – 1 John 3:2

It was an overwhelming display of God’s love.

This is how I describe my last few weeks in Port Moresby. I was ending my three-year stint in the city. I worked in a secular job but I was active in Charismatic circles in the archdiocese, where I had the opportunity to preach the Good News.

During those years, my brothers-in-the-Lord in the archdiocese treated me with much love and adulation. They accepted me as their own.

At the last prayer meetings I attended in the different parishes, many were in tears when I announced that I will soon be leaving. Hugs, prayers, well-wishes and even gifts oveflowed.

I was with family.

When I rejoined the Light of Jesus Family in Manila, the same love and acceptance flowed. When members here learned that brethren from Papua New Guinea were coming for a conference in Manila, many came forward to help me host them.

How wonderful it is to be in God’s family! We are all indeed children of God!


Can you easily accept a person into your group? Are you able to give him or her the love that the Lord Himself gave you?

Father, forgive me for being cliquish. Use me as Your channel of love. Amen